Not all blockchains treat the planet the same. If you are a budding NFT entrepreneur or collector and wish to stay true to your environmental principles, you may consider joining the wave of NFT influencers, traders and creators who are moving to Tezos blockchain. If you are keen to push your NFTs further to the greenside, this useful guide will lead you to 7 NFT projects available on the Tezos network so you can decide if it’s right for your project.

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a layer-1 decentralised proof of stake (POS) blockchain ledger which has its own cutely named algorithm, Emmy, and a digital token called a “tez” or “tezzie” (XTZ). It provides support for smart contract programmability and for building dApps. Debuting in 2017 in a much-hyped IPO as a contender to Ethereum, the uniqueness of Tezos comes from its community governance consensus and decentralised maintenance. Users are rewarded with incentives to participate and take ownership of the core development process, using a democratic voting mechanism for collective decision-making.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets created by smart contracts which are recorded in a blockchain. Each NFT has a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided and is used to track and certify authenticity and ownership of the asset it represents. The assets represented digitally by an NFT can be purely digital such as wearables in a game, avatars, music or artwork, or they can be tied to hard assets such as real estate, watches or precious metals or stones.
Although they have been around since 2013, NFT’s came to the public eye in 2017 with projects like Cryptopunks and Cyberkitties which went viral. However, NFTs really entered the mainstream in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic as artists and musicians with cancelled gigs and shows, found plenty of time on their hands to explore this technology to publicise their art and simultaneously supplement lost income. Musicians from Kings of Leon to Grimes and artists such as Damien Hirst are among the hall of fame alumni who have embraced NFTs with success.

Why are NFT creators moving to Tezos?

Despite setbacks from a complicated public ownership spat leading to several lawsuits, Tezos has since been making up for lost time. It is flexible to build on, three times faster than Ethereum and far cheaper to transact. As a result, it has been attracting NFT influencers, creators, and collectors such as Cozomo de Medici (aka Snoop Dogg) who have shifted allegiance, fed up with the high gas fees and slow through-put of Ethereum.It boasts a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community.
Recently it attracted interest from Ethereum NFT powerhouses Rarible, which now supports Tezos. It has also partnered with major brands across a spectrum of industries, including Ubisoft, Redbull and EDF.

Is it possible to mint a greener NFT?

In our blog post comparing the green credentials of proof of stake (POS) blockchains, we identified Tezos as the most sustainable chain for your NFT activities overall. One of the lowest carbon emitters of competing POS chains, according to the Crypto Carbon Rating Institute report, it consumes over two million times less energy than Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It has also developed an excellent infrastructure for NFT creators and traders to freely mint, buy and sell their NFTs.
By definition, the low carbon credentials of Tezos mean that all NFT marketplaces on this chain are greener than the average dApp.

7 NFT projects for good Tezos:

1. Byteblock
A platform looking to empower artists from India and Southeast Asia. It operates an open architecture with low listing barriers for artists, meaning those with low means have an opportunity to bring their art to a global audience and benefit from most of the profit themselves.

2. At Bazaar Nft
Guilt-free NFT’s are only a click away. The platform incorporates carbon offsets to be the “first ever carbon-negative NFT market” powered by Tezos. True to the Tezos ethos, it has developed “bDAO”, with a decentralised governance token, to allow its community to have a say in what happens on the site and governance of the platform in general.

3. Oneof
Presents itself as “the Green NFT platform” offering opportunities for fans and collectors at all levels to connect with their favourite artists. True to its green ideals, in 2021 Oneof was selected as the preferred NFT partner of Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Alliance. Together with its global partner United Nations Human Rights, the Alliance advocates for urgent action to protect the rights of people around the world suffering from the devastating effects of climate change. Artists listing on Oneof have the option of minting one or more NFT’s to directly benefit the climate programs proposed by these organisations, in support of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

Whilst these are great projects and ones to watch for the future, in reality, according to Dapp Radar, trading volume on these platforms is low. The real action is happening on Tezos NFT marketplaces objkt, hic et nunc and fxhash and Rarible who also host green projects.

Cryptobee - REAVERSE by Guerlain - NFT4. Luxury house Guerlain
Entered the NFT space with a buzz, minting 1828 unique generative Cryptobee NFTs linked directly to biodiversity. The “Reaverse” project aims to support the rewilding of 28 hectars of French nature reserve ‘la vallée de la Millière’. They are listed on objkt marketplace right now, so take your chance to snap them up whilst you still can.
Jaclyn_Donahue - Mike Tyka - NFT5. Mike Tyler favours hic et nunc
This climate conscious multi-disciplinarian digital artist is also a biochemist who has worked in climate research. He co-founded the Artists and Machine Intelligence program at Google bringing together artists and engineers to realise projects using machine intelligence.
Window Still Life 031 - John Karel - NFT6. John Karel aka jjjjjohn
One of the top selling artists on Tezos and known for his 3d animated gifs of skeletons and still life of everyday consumer objects listed on hic et nunc. He swapped from Ethereum based platforms in 2020 to Tezos because he could not justify the environmental impact and sees it as an artist’s responsibility to use sustainable platforms.
Evian sparkling - Sara Shakeel - NFT7. Evian
Another of the big brands getting into sustainable NFTs, recently teamed up with multi-disciplinary artist and lover of all things glittery, Sara Shakeel, to produce its first ever NFTs on Tezos. 20 shimmering NFTs were sold on the Evian microsite to celebrate the launch of their sparkling water. All proceeds went to support future digital artists via a donation to the Somerset House Young Talent Fund, which also receives 10% of all subsequent sales on the secondary market. The project was a sell out and NFTs are now available on Rarible.
Traffic on Tezos platforms has spiked in volume over the past twelve months and many users cite low environmental impact as a driving factor in choosing to list on Tezos based platforms. We feel that it will not be long before we see sustainable projects from Tezos making tidal waves in the NFT space.

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