Regenerative Finance a.k.a ReFi is creating grabbing hashes in the crypto and the climate spaces this summer. But what is it and why should you care? 


FACT 1. ReFi is based on regenerative economics theory. This theory subscribes to the traditional capitalist economic framework BUT with a major difference. It focuses on economic growth through goods and services which regenerate rather than deplete our original capital asset, the Earth.  

FACT 2. ReFi places a true value on the environment and systems which restore and maintain the resources required for human well-being. Investment opportunities aim to promote Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) for environmental and societal projects.

FACT 3. ReFi is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Stabilising climate by de-carbonising mechanisms;
  2. Restoring natural ecosystems by cultivating biological diversity; 
  3. Instituting social justice by enabling direct and inclusive community engagement. 

FACT 4. ReFi depends on Web 3 and blockchain for two reasons: 

  1. Decentralised technology enables projects to bake in more transparency, accessibility and profitability and facilitates better coordination and accountability of the companies, communities and individuals who participate. 
  2. Decentralised finance is already re-imagining and re-designing monetary systems and money flows without the influence of nation states or the central banks. In ReFi it incentivises participants with financial rewards for contributing to project goals. 

FACT 5. ReFi is already building the blocks for solving at scale some of the world’s greatest challenges of today, by combining Web3 innovation with an Earth + Humanity-first approach to solve global coordination failures. 

At Chamonix Crypto we see the devastating effects of global warming in the French Alps, outside our door, every day. Years of ineffective climate action has proved that the solution to threats to humanity like these will never be found in tried and traditional methods. We believe that cultivating innovative technologies like Web 3 to help re-form how we operate, incentivise society and coordinate our efforts on a mass scale is key to our survival. 

See some examples of real ReFi projects already in action below. 

If you want a great comprehensive review of Regenerative Finance, check out the ReFi podcast hosted by @JohnEllison.

Don’t stand on the side-lines – Get interested, get educated and then get involved!